Training and Certification

Plastfix has built a large library of over 100 videos that detail the Plastfix Repair Process. These are being offered for the first time to large groups like MSOs, Banner Companies, Certified OEM Collision Repair Networks, Insurance Companies and OEMs.

The company certifies qualifying plastic repair technicians and operational staff with annual recertification to ensure ongoing competency in the repair of new plastic materials and the evolving Plastfix Repair Process.

If you are an organization managing a high volume of repairs, get Plastfix Certified. As an industry influencer looking to drive maximum productivity in plastic repairs while reducing cycle times or an OEM looking to dramatically alter dated supply chain issues, we can help you too

Plastfix Online Training Courses

Understanding Plastic Impacts

Managers, Estimators & Assessors

Content: 17 Videos, and Theory
Assessment: Virtual

Estimated Completion Time: 8 Hours

This course is designed to give business owners, managers, and estimators in depth knowledge on the developing landscape of automotive plastic repairs- benefits to the business, customer, and the environment. Including restoration methods, specialty tools, and the materials used in todays automotive plastic repair sector to suit the modern collision repair industry.

Module 1: Estimating time of repairs
Module 2: Plastics Identification
Module 3: Issues to watch, old repairs, damage area and missing sections
Module 4: Specialty tools and equipment
Module 5: Understanding impact plastic behaviour
Module 6: Repair procedures
Module 7: Restoration process
Module 8: Marking out repairs

Introduction to Plastic Welding


Content: 20 Videos and Theory
Assessment: Virtual

Estimated Completion Time: 12 Hours

This course is designed to give apprentices a solid foundation when introduced to the world of plastic repairs and cover the basics of how to best undertake plastic restorations. Using the correct technique and how to best apply the tools and materials.

Module 1: Understanding of materials and plastic identification
Module 2: Knowledge of the equipment required for plastic repair
Module 3: Repair procedures from sanding through to the finishing of repairs
Module 4: Review processes- from repairs and test and virtual assessment

Advanced Plastic Repairs


Content:  38 Videos and Theory
Assessment: Virtual

Estimated Completion Time: 20 Hours

Allowing for panel technicians to be upskilled in plastic repairs and repairing to a professional standard using current repair methods and tools, delivering the best industry standards in plastic repairs and restoration. Learn about the various aspects of plastic repairs such as, material types, do’s and don’ts and a technique that contains absolutely no filler.

Module 1: Specific Repair types, e.g. Large centre impacts and multiple torn sections.
Module 2: Heat application and reshaping
Module 3: Tab and tag repairs
Module 4: Tack welding split repairs
Module 5: Maintaining lines when sanding
Module 6: Tools and equipment for plastic repairs
Module 7: Plastic identification
Module 8: Alignment of tears
Module 9: Channeling and welding
Module 10: Correcting imperfections
Module 11: Correcting poor weld areas
Module 12: Correct Materials (Weld placement)
Module 13:  Correct sanding materials
Module 14: General welding technique
Module 15: Grinding and weld file
Module 16:  File finishing repairs
Module 17: Finishing of repairs
Module 18: Inspection of repairs and application of pinhole filler

Headlight Tab Repairs


Content: 17 Videos and Theory
Assessment: Virtual

Estimated Completion Time: 8 Hours

Headlight are fast becoming one of the most advanced items on cars and a vital component its necessary that plastics technicians also have an understanding and awareness of repair capabilities to headlights our plastic repair course will take you through the fundamentals from alignment/ missing sections of tabs, through to welding and finishing 

Module 1: Plastic materials
Module 2: Tab welding
Module 3: Replacement sections
Module 4: Alignment of tabs
Module 5: Replicating tab mould lines
Module 6: Finishing of tab repairs
Module 7: Finish coating