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    Certified Technicians working

    for you


    Plastfix supplies the industry's most experienced automotive plastic repair technicians

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    Leading the way


    Plastfix is the industry’s leading automotive plastic repair solutions provider, offering a range of new services tailored to suit your business needs.





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    Repair instead of Replace


    Plastfix is leading a global drive to repair, rather than replace, plastic automotive components: delivering proven benefits to the wider industry, the economy, & the environment.

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    Driving Innovation


    Plastfix is driving future development in this sector by creating a range of new speciality tools, equipment, and materials.


• Repair process (filler free)

• Improved turnaround times

• Reduce operational cost

• Generating jobs & new skills


• Recruitment & training programs

• Over 180 plastic repair videos
• Certified technicians & development

• Technology & digital tools


• Online & mobile application
• Speciality tools & equipment
• 3D printed repair tabs
• Automated repair system

Who are we

Established in 2014 Plastfix has led the way on most things plastic repair related in the collision repair industry, managing over 50,000 plastic part repairs per year and growing, across both Australia and New Zealand.

We have pioneered new delivery methods of plastic repair solutions, filler free plastic repair processes, employee training programs, specialty repair tools and online management platforms.

Plastfix is actively investing in staff, research and innovation. Plastfix has one of the industry's highest staff retention rates sitting at over 90%.

Plastfix is at the forefront of innovation and advancing technologies with the development of an automated headlight repair system and have invented our own 3D printable PP material.

We are passionate about examining new ways of delivering the highest possible standard of repairs and sustainability solutions via our Waste Motive initiative benefiting our customers, consumers, our industry and the environment.

Plastfix is proud to partner with I-CAR and their Alliance training program, as an industry service specialist delivering the very best in automotive plastic repair solutions to the collision repair industry.


Brian Jack


Capital SMART

"Having a Plastic Repair technician in our business gave us the opportunity to repair most of the damaged plastic parts that we would normally buy new parts for. The quality & inhouse process really opened my eyes to what savings could be achieved in our business."

Mark Czvitkovits


I- CAR Australia

"The advanced training & solutions provided by Plastfix fills a niche area of Automotive Plastic repairs that provides excellent new skills for new and current technicians in the collision repair industry. A true innovator in the Automotive Plastic Repair Industry."

Greg Preston


Auto Progressive Repairers Association

"Plastfix is what the industry has been missing for many years, a quality provider in line with industry standards and requirements. Their vision and method of execution tackles a number of issues that have plagued the industry in the past."

We are the future of Automotive Plastic Repairs!

Throughout our innovative endeavours, Plastfix has developed a number of patent pending tools, jigs, and design registered equipment to be used in our automotive plastics repair process.
Our ambitious strategy and goals have positioned Plastfix as the leading authority on automotive plastic repairs. 

Our resources will make managing the ever-changing dynamics of vehicle manufacturing, and automotive plastic collision repairs easier and faster for both our customers and the industry at large. The environment will be another benefactor as we expand the scope on repairing more plastic parts and divert them from waste stream.