Specialty Supplies

Every material, tool, and piece of equipment we use has been carefully selected or developed in-house to ensure the highest possible performance in the plastic restoration process.

PlastiPUSH – Hand Tools

These specially designed hand tools from Plastfix are used in the process of reshaping and restoring automotive parts such as damaged bumpers.  Once a plastic part is properly heated, the handspikes are the perfect tools for taking out dents and other low spots by massaging the impact back to its original shape. The PlastiTools set come in 3 separate sizes, with two custom tips on each.  They are designed to reshape a range from large impacts to small damage, to best massage the damaged area back to original spec in preparation for file finishing or sanding.  

  • Product Highlights
    • 3D printed to specific standards of effectiveness
    • Leading-edge raw materials developed with, and supplied by, BASF
    • Hard plastic for the tools and softer plastic for the grips
    • Nothing works better on plastic parts than plastic tools
    • Long-lasting, lightweight, and easy to use.

BumperSoft – Plastiweld Rods

This product is a real driver for the Plastfix Repair Process, allowing for filler-free, file-finished repairs. The BumperSoft weld is made from an advanced material, designed especially for Plastfix, and is used on the face and back of plastic parts when thermal welding.  It can be shaped flat to the surface when filed and sanded while restoring strength to the repaired part. The soft blend of polypropylene makes for a unique and vital Plastfix product that has been pivotal for our quality, filler-free repair process.

  • Product Highlights
    • Automotive-grade, OEM compatible materials
    • Specially formulated for thermal welding plastic
    • Easy to shape and blend into the original part
    • Flexible and absorbent to stress and impact

PlastiCUT – Finishing file and shaping

This key tool is for file finishing your PlastiTool marks and BumperSoft weld.  These files are crafted in Europe and sourced by Plastfix to guarantee maximum performance and quality on automotive plastic parts. The files are manufactured with precision machinery and cut with tungsten teeth to our specification, to minimize the amount of plastic shaved during the repair process.

  • Product Highlights
    • The teeth are chisel cut with a tungsten carbide chisel
    • Allows for the tool to have longer-lasting performance on plastic parts
    • Hardened files are sandblasted clean and then oiled for corrosion protection
    • With 1.25% pure carbon, the files have a Rockwell hardness rating of up to 66

Plastfix Adhesive – Pinholes and bonding

This adhesive serves as both a pinhole filler and adhesive bond for automotive plastics.   It is designed using compatible chemicals that will not react with any solvents or temperatureIt is a quick and easy way to fill micro pinholes in your repairs.  Just add a drop of the adhesive and rub with a smooth ( 240 )  abrasive.   The adhesive, mixing with the dust from the plastic, will form an ideal filling compound

  • Product Highlights
    • Flash dry in seconds when adhesive products
    • Does not shrink or react to heat or chemicals
    • Mixes with plastic dust to form filler compound
    • Enhanced for performance with plastic parts