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Why choose Plastfix?

At Plastfix, your business is our business, we use our skills and experience to assist your business needs. We partner with you, working towards the goal of maximising plastic part repairs. In doing so, we can reduce the number of new part purchases; saving you time and money. We specialise in working with collision groups, insurance companies, or manufacturers that facilitate multi-site collision repair networks .

We provide a complete repair solution to our customers, from sending out a technician for a single job, or recruiting and managing a fully equipped team of trained Plastfix technicians, our network and resources will help you to deliver higher quality repair results.

Experience the Benefits 

The Plastfix solution delivers multiple benefits to your business and the wider automotive industry. These are focused on assisting in the delivery of various improvements within your operational flow, increasing the quality of repairs, reducing repair cost, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Quality Repairs

Plastfix’s conventional repair methods use either heating and spike manipulation, or plastic fuse welding. No fillers are used in our repair process, even during training or claim repairs. All our repairs are file finished to bare plastic, and backed by our life-time warranty. Our methods produce the highest quality pre-accident condition of any repaired automotive plastic part.

Improved Turnaround Times

Having a Plastfix Technician on-site (either permanently, or by pre-booking a call-out) allows repair turnaround times to be significantly reduced. This system eliminates time wasted by outsourcing repair jobs, and in most cases, is certainly faster than ordering new parts.

The repair process, from assessment, to stripping and repairing, is completed quickly, and is then sent on to the Paint Repair shop within hours.

Cost Saving

The Plastfix solution generates multiple ways to save. The most significant being repair price vs new part price – you could be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars by repairing bumpers, headlights, plastic guards, bonnets, and tailgates.

Savings are also seen in reduced labour costs. Not having to strip all the components of the part, but instead carrying out spot repairs, allows for costs to be reduced on paint work and permits the blending of certain repairs.

In addition, the cost of general and plastic waste will be reduced. By increasing repairs on plastic parts, the need to order new parts will decrease in turn reducing the volume of cardboard boxes, and plastic wrapping that new part packaging generates.

Consumer Safety

It is well known that over time, an original fitted part will mould into shape with a car’s contours. Every bump and scrape that hits the car’s chassis tightens the part into place. Naturally, this means that an old bumper bar will fit better than a brand new one. During a Plastfix repair, most of the additional components such as sensors, cameras, and other accessories will stay fitted. This reduces the risk of a component failing due to being re-fitted on an entirely new part.


One of the biggest winners of the Plastfix solution is the natural environment. Currently there are thousands of tonnes of bumper bars, headlights, and other automotive plastic waste being dumped illegally, stored on farmland, or put into landfill.

Adopting the Plastfix solution is proven to reduce the flow of automotive plastic waste by 70%.  As a flow-on effect, your general waste will also reduce, due to the reduction of packaging for new parts.

Job Creation

A core focus within Plastfix is the need to source and upskill the future generation of plastic repair technicians. As the automobile industry continues to favour repair rather than replacement, and the volume of plastic panel parts spikes upwards, we are working to create employment opportunities. We see Plastfix as a key player in stimulating local economies, and benefitting smaller communities.

In servicing a single national client over a span of nine months, Plastfix generated over 30 new positions; recruiting, training, and placing people into new jobs. We are proud to offer our certified Plastfix repair technicians well paid jobs with career stability.

Smart-Tech Online Management

One of the key features in the Plastfix scope is our commitment to utilise available online technology and cloud based systems.

Our Smart-Tech online management platform is one of the most advanced tools in the industry, possessing the ability to co-ordinate customer orders while managing the daily activities, and training of all our technicians.

With Smart-Tech, our technicians access their daily work schedules via their smart mobile device. The platform also gives them the ability to communicate directly with the Plastfix control centre. Our customers get to experience live progress on job repairs, and live communication with both our technicians or centre management.

The platform allows Plastfix to harvest data related to each technicians’ progress, as well as customer analytics. This information can then be used to streamline processes, and identify any performance or platform issues.

The transparency of Smart-Tech gives Plastfix the ability to further advance our technicians’ training, which in turn maximises their productivity whilst minimising down time.

In addition, Smart-Tech has allowed our training courses to reach participants across multiple time zones simultaneously. Our trainees and technicians can access their ongoing theory training whenever it suits them, on their preferred device, anywhere in the world.

Recruitment – Plastic Repair Technician

Plastfix has developed a recruitment program that looks beyond current struggling industry solutions. We offer new training and perspectives in the collision repair industry, further developing apprentices’ skills, and strengthening the future workforce.

Our Back to Basics Recruitment Program focuses on developing tools to better educate and train new recruits. Most importantly we outline that Plastfix offers more than just a job. Training with Plastfix is a lifetime opportunity, and can develop into a career in one of the automotive plastic repair industry’s fastest growing fields.

Through smart marketing, fresh branding, informative websites, and active social media, Plastfix has created a fresh new career opportunity previously unavailable to the industry. As such we have attracted high volumes of applicants from various working backgrounds.

After months of research and interviews, hands-on assessments and trials, we have developed criteria on our ideal candidate. We now actively recruit candidates from previous hands-on skill bases such as fabrication, car detailing, car hobbyists, mechanics, and others with similar work experience.

Combined with a strenuous practical and theory training program, Plastfix recruitment has seen over 30 applicants trained and certified as Plastfix repair technicians in less than a year - and these numbers will keep growing, as at least 20% of Plastfix’s workforce are trainees on their way to certification, and an exciting new career.

Industry Focused

Plastfix is one of the industry’s most active contributors, with members of our senior team regularly attending conferences, events, and online forums.

Our professional digital network spreads across the globe, and stretches into a variety of industries. Our connections help us gather vital information that we collate and analyse. Our focus is directed at developing the best possible solutions for the plastic repair needs of our customers.

Keeping abreast of market developments is a key factor in creating a workable blue print to service our diverse global customer base. With expansion planned for the automotive, commercial, and consumer global markets, we want to ensure that the unique facets of each country’s needs are addressed by the Plastfix solution.

No matter the challenges we have come across, Plastfix has always managed to develop viable solutions that suit our model and meet our customer’s needs.

As we continue to work alongside both the industry and key stakeholders, Plastfix is placing itself in position as the leading authority on automotive plastic repairs. We aim to help the industry be better prepared for the ever-changing use of light weight composites, and plastic, in vehicle manufacturing.


Plastfix has developed the world’s most advanced automotive plastic repair training program. The platform has entry points for all levels of industry experience, from trainee introduction courses, to on-going training for certified technicians.

Our proven training formula has allowed Plastfix to build the industry’s largest team of certified technicians in Australia. This has facilitated the on-site placement of over 30 trainees and certified technicians within a six-month period.

Practical training elements are the core of Plastfix’s training program. This hands-on approach is backed by ongoing theory modules delivered through our internally developed online management system.

Excellent training has been the catalyst to success for the Plastfix business model. Our emphasis on delivering quality training through smarter methods, has allowed our staff and technicians to become better skilled, and deliver higher quality services to our customers.

From new candidate support, to the graduated course levels completed by our trainees, and on to the advanced life-time support delivered to our certified technicians; Plastfix has set a new standard in ways to deliver, manage, and develop the right training for our team and customers.

We encourage your team to explore our training options. Training Modules include:

  • ·         What is Repairable? How to determine if a component requires replacing or repairing.
  • ·         Troubleshooting the Repair Process
  • ·         Understanding the Plastfix solution and staff support

We know that real life is not always text-book, as such we offer live stream support for technicians to access assistance on challenging repair processes. Smart devices allow us to guide technicians in real time, aiding them to make the best decisions for your repair.