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What We Offer

Plastfix delivers restoration solutions for a complete range of damaged plastic parts. All restorations are carried out to the highest possible standard, using only authorised quality tools and materials. Our depth of experience in plastic restoration is second to none, this is why Plastfix is the industry’s leading solutions provider. We work to a set of damage criteria that has been developed from thousands of restorations and testing experience.

Tailored Solutions

Plastfix can assist in developing the right automotive plastic solution for your business or partner network. We have developed a successful range of tailored solutions using our 20 years of industry experience & working in partnership with the industry’s leading collision repair group.

We offer two service options to our clients. Depending on your service needs, we can provide either an on-site Certified Plastic Repair Technician or connect your business to our Technician-On-Demand call-out service. An option of stock and drop is also in development to be explored with customers or partners that would suit such a solution.

We can tailor schedules based on your workflow volumes and determine whether using the on-call service or having a full or part time on-site technician would best suit your operation. We have the experience and capability to review your current process on plastic repairs and develop a solution factoring in the Plastfix process that will best service your business model.

We can work and train immediate management or your extended network to construct the desired outcome, ultimately saving direct business costs and streamlining your plastic parts management processes from cradle to grave.

Our track record has proven that the Plastfix model can deliver exceptional results to your business with minimal disruptions to daily operations, at the same time delivering positive outcomes to the environment and stimulating the local economy.

Be it a single business or entirely new market, we have built a robust ‘Plug and Play’ model that can be implemented in any industry across the world managed via a centralised control centre driving the entire network of technicians, customers and suppliers.

Quality Processes - Plastic Reformation

Our reformation process is based on our own formulated plastic repair / reform method, utilising heat and an equivalent plastic to fuse-weld or reform damaged parts back to the pre-damaged state. Once complete the affected area is file finished and sanded.

The method replicates the way metal panel components are repaired, though instead of hammering or welding, the plastic part is either heated and manipulated into shape, or fuse welded using plastic rods in the same material as that of the part.

Our processes produce the highest quality and most cost-effective repairs. The Plastfix methods also maximises the parts strength and replicates a pre-collision condition allowing the part to perform as its was meant to by OEM standards.

From our source materials, through to our reputable partners, and our in-house developed tools and equipment, every aspect of the Plastfix solution is researched and tested at our facility and on-site before it is approved for use in the repair process.

Using detailed process manuals and over 170 in-house training videos, our team has the ability to deliver the same high standard each and every time. We have safeguards set in place to ensure our customers receive the best possible outcome.

We are proud of our processes and actively ensure that our procedures are promoted and understood by our staff from the day they become a Plastfix employee as we digitally monitor post and pre reformation jobs via our online platform, using job images of repair processes for each and every job.

Service Options

On Demand Repairs

Plastfix offers an as-needed repair service which can be requested through our central control booking system. One of our certified technicians will be scheduled to come within an agreed time frame and repair the damaged components at your business location.

On-Site Technicians – Full Time / Part Time Options Available

Having one of our technicians on-site will allow for a rapid turnaround service on repairs. Utilising an on-site technician will also help to streamline or improve on current turnaround times within your business. Our technicians are also trained to carry out other jobs during down-time that include: spot priming, stripping jobs, or building stock for regularly required parts.

Plastfix and our team of technicians want to work with you to help your business grow. Our on-site technician services have seen businesses around Australia enjoy a reduction of part costs and general waste, as well as an increase in productivity.

Stock and Drop - Optional

Plastfix is developing its own Smart Inventory software within our Job Tech platform and is one of the industry’s most advanced Stock and Drop platforms. Utilising online and mobile technology integrated with our client management system, it can be used to predict, source, store, and supply regularly required plastic parts. The sourced damaged plastic parts are repaired either onsite or at our client’s facility and then stored for future supply on behalf of our customers. Plastfix can also manage, on your behalf, the on-sale of these parts to other networks.

6 Year Warranty Repairs

All Plastfix repairs come with a 6-year warranty, we guarantee that any repairs we carry out will perform as close as possible to its pre-accident state. If we deem the part cannot be repaired to a high-quality standard, Plastfix will decline to repair the part, and will recommend the necessary replacement.

Our On-site Processes


-   Stripped part arrives at our repair station / area

-   Technician assess damage making sure it fits our strict repair criteria

-   Images are taken prior to starting repairs

-   Bumper bar is cleaned inside and out to ensure a repair area free of grease and dirt

-   Damaged area is repaired using one of two methods:

             a) Heat and Spike   b) Plastic Fuse Welding

-   Repairs are file finished with a flat file, then sanded with 120, 180, and finally 240 graded sanding.[IH1] 

-   Repair area is wiped down with plastic cleaner

-   Quality control checks are performed on the repair

-   Post-repair images are taken of the internal and external repair area 

-   Warranty sticker is placed on the inside of the job with a registration number

-   Finished job is presented to be signed off via our mobile application

Damage Criteria

The Plastfix repairable vs. non-repairable criteria is developed from a database of the thousands of repairs we have conducted to date. Our criterion considers the ability of a repair to perform post-repair without compromising quality or efficiency.

If a job is allocated through the Plastfix system that we ultimately deem non-repairable, our team will decline this repair, clearly stating the reasons behind this decision.

We have identified that various types of damage on repaired plastic parts can cause issues in the overall quality or fitting of the parts. This could potentially fail post-repair due to overwhelming stress on the repaired area. These areas are usually found around bolt-on points of guards, where fitting is precise and strenuous.