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Plastfix has developed the world’s most advanced automotive plastic repair training program, completed by all our technicians. The core of our program is a 6-week intensive hands-on training program for each recruit with a specialised trainer. The platform has entry points for all levels of industry experience, from introductory courses for trainees, and on-going training for certified technicians. Practical, and on-going training is central to Plastfix’s training program.

Our proven training formula has allowed Plastfix to build the industry’s largest team of certified technicians in Australia. This has facilitated the on-site placement of over 30 trainees and certified technicians within a six-month period.

Excellent training has been the catalyst to success for the Plastfix business model. Our emphasis on delivering quality training through smarter methods, has allowed our staff and technicians to become better skilled, and deliver higher quality services to our customers.

From new candidate support, to the graduated course levels completed by our trainees, and on to the advanced life-time support delivered to our certified technicians; Plastfix has set a new standard in ways to deliver, manage, and develop the right training for our team and customers.

We encourage your team to explore our training options. Training Modules include:

·        What is Repairable? How to determine if a component requires replacing or repairing.

·        Troubleshooting the Repair Process

·        Understanding the Plastfix solution and staff support

We know that real life is not always text-book, as such we offer live stream support for technicians to access assistance on challenging repair processes. Smart devices allow us to guide technicians in real time, aiding them to make the best decisions for your repair.