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Tailored Solutions

Plastfix can assist in developing the right automotive plastic solution for your business or partner network.

We offer two service options to our clients. Depending on your service’s needs, we will provide either an on-site Certified Plastic Repair Technician, or connect your business to our Technician-On-Demand call-out service.

We can tailor schedules based on your work flow volumes, and assess whether having a full time or part time on-site technician, or using the on-call service, will be more suited to your operation. We have the experience and capability to review your current process on plastic repairs and develop a solution factoring in the Plastfix process that will best service your business model.

We can work with management or your network to construct the desired outcome, ultimately saving direct business costs and streamlining your processes.

Our track record has proven that the Plastfix model can deliver exceptional results to your business with minimal disruptions to daily operations, at the same time delivering positive outcomes to the environment, and stimulating the local economy.

Be it a single business or entirely new market, we have built a robust ‘Plug and Play’ model that can be implemented in any industry across the world.