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The Job Tech Management System

One of the key features in the Plastfix scope is our commitment to utilise available online technology and cloud based systems.

Our Job Tech online management platform is one of the most advanced tools in the industry, possessing the ability co-ordinate customer orders while managing the daily activities and the training of all our technicians.

With Job Tech, our technicians access their daily work schedules via their smart mobile device. The platform also gives them the ability to communicate directly with the Plastfix control centre. Our customers get to experience live progress on job repairs, and real-time communication with technicians or centre management.

The platform allows Plastfix to harvest data related to each technicians’ progress as well as customer analytics, which can be used to streamline processes, and identify any performance or platform issues.

The transparency of Job Tech gives Plastfix the ability to further advance our technicians’ training which in turn, maximises their productivity whilst minimising down time.

In addition, Job Tech has allowed our training courses to reach participants across multiple time zones simultaneously. Our trainees and technicians can access their ongoing theory training whenever it suits them, on their preferred device, anywhere in the world.