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Business and Industry Benefits

The Plastfix solution delivers multiple benefits to your business and the wider automotive industry. These are focused on facilitating improvements within your operational flow, increasing the quality of repairs, lowering the repair cost, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Quality Repairs

Plastfix’s conventional repair methods use either heating and spike manipulation, or plastic fuse welding. No fillers are used in our repair process, even during training or claim repairs. All our repairs are file finished to bare plastic, and backed by a life-time warranty. Our methods produce the highest quality pre-accident condition of any repaired automotive plastic part.

Improving Turnaround Times

Having a Plastfix Technician on-site (either permanently, or by pre-booking a call out) allows the turnaround time on repairs to be significantly reduced.

This system eliminates time wasted by sending the job out to be repaired, and in most cases, is certainly faster than ordering new parts.

The repair process, from assessment, to stripping and repairing, is completed quickly, and is then sent on to the Paint Repair shop within hours.

Cost Saving

The Plastfix solution generates multiple ways to save. The most significant being repair price vs new part price – you could be saving hundreds of dollars on bumpers, headlights, plastic guards, bonnets, and tailgates.

By not having to strip all the components of the part away but rather, carrying out spot repairs, costs are reduced on paint work and the process also enables the blending of certain repairs.

In addition, the cost of general and plastic waste will be reduced. By increasing repairs on plastic parts, the need to order new parts will decrease, in turn reducing the volume of cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping that new part packaging generates.

Consumer Safety

It is well known that over time, an original fitted part will mould into shape with the rest of the car’s contours. Every bump and scrape, hits the car’s chassis and tightens the part into place. This means that an old bumper bar will fit better than a brand new one. During a Plastfix repair, most of the additional components such as sensors, cameras, and other accessories will stay fitted. This reduces the risk of a component failing due to being re-fitted on an entirely new part.

Job Creation

A core focus within Plastfix is the need to source and upskill the future generation of plastic repair technicians. We are working to create employment opportunities to cater for the automobile industry’s current trends of favouring repair rather than replacement, and the increased production volume of plastic panel parts.We see Plastfix as a key player in stimulating local economies, and benefitting smaller communities.

In servicing a single national client over a span of nine months, Plastfix generated over 30 new positions; recruiting, training, and placing people into new jobs. We are proud to offer our certified Plastfix repair technicians well paid jobs with career stability.


One of the biggest winners of the Plastfix solution is the natural environment. Currently there are thousands of tonnes of bumper bars, headlights, and other automotive plastic waste being dumped illegally, stored on farmland, or put into landfill.

Adopting the Plastfix solution has proven to reduce the flow of automotive plastic waste by 70%.  As a flow-on effect, your general waste will also reduce due to the reduction of packaging for new parts.