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Plastfix Launches Digital Training and Video Content Studio

Plastfix this week officially launched its exciting new digital training and video content delivery studio in Adelaide. It has accelerated the company’s ability to deliver online training in plastic restorations to their offsite and field-based technicians. With the constraints currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Plastfix saw huge disruption to the traditional methods of essential, hands-on training.  By incorporating these new capabilities, it is now able to continually provide for the necessary training and upskilling of their staff. 

Plastfix is a leader in automotive plastic restoration processing that adopts a filler free process, with further plans to make their training catalogue and range of specialty tools available to the market in early 2021, backed by a number of globally-recognised industry bodies such as I-CAR.  

The 6-month project uses the latest in online software, filming, cloud storage, audio and editing technology to create the smartest training delivery solution in the industry.  New training content can be conceived, produced and edited within 24 hours. Plastfix has also integrated the ability to live stream training, with the capacity to reach up to 50,000 viewers per session around the world, perform remote quality control and interact with users in real time.

Raw training video is recorded during the day, immediately uploaded to a cloud-based server, edited overnight, stored on an online distribution portal and is live and ready for distribution the following day through the use of the innovative mobile productivity app WorxManager by Tradiebot Industries. The facility will add to the already expansive library of over 150 plastic repair videos that Plastfix is currently hosting.

The demand for plastic repairs within the collision repair industry is constantly growing. As Plastfix maintains its stance as a leader in this space, there was a requirement to re-invent how such specialised training is delivered to users who are able to access such courses via their PC, smart phone or tablet at any time, from any location.

The Plastfix Digital Training Studio is located within the Innovation Centre at the MTA South Australia and is key to the company’s ability to provide freedom and flexibility to plastic repair technicians when upskilling, while also undertaking induction training for new recruits. COVID-19 has heavily impacted these activities for all businesses within the collision repair industry. With the contribution of emerging technologies, Plastfix has been able to combat these issues by eliminating the requirement for human-to-human contact to undertake such training.

The digital hub is also equipped with 3D printers to support the research and development activities of Plastfix Labs. This enables the testing of prototypes, and the building of a comprehensive catalogue of various lugs and brackets, allowing Plastfix to repair additional damaged plastic parts like expensive headlight assemblies.

Plastfix is heavily investing and focused on the future of automotive  plastic and advanced repair solutions, working with leading collision repair groups, plastic manufacturers, research bodies and OEMs to ensure the new advanced materials that will be introduced can be repaired to post collision standard. 

Plastfix has a strong commitment to environment and aims to assist its customer base in reducing the amount of automotive plastic waste going into landfill by increasing the repair to replace ratio on plastic components using its advanced plastic repair methods, speciality tools and materials. 

Plastfix Director of Training and Product Development, John Morrissey, said:

“The opening of this new digital training studio provides Plastfix the opportunity to facilitate and undertake training on a whole new level, using an entirely new process for training and video content development. I am hugely impressed with what has been achieved and applaud our CEO Mario Dimovski for having the vision and drive to get behind our solution, backing its development and supporting my appointment to run such a high-tech facility. We are focusing strongly on training, innovation and aligning our restoration processes to return parts to pre-collision OEM condition. 

Within the studio we are also now testing some exciting new plastic repair tools.  These have been developed by our Plastfix Labs Division using 3D printing and with the support of BASF, who will be supplying the leading-edge 3D plastic material to this effort.

The placement of the studio within the MTA also allows various other trades and apprentices to observe some of the new developments taking place within our industry.”

The video content platform is managed by Plastfix technology partner Tradiebot and allows interactive training to be conducted for users with live engagement, remote assessments, training and available jobs via its online and mobile platforms.

MTA South Australia CEO Paul Unerkov has seen the multiple benefits provided by the digital training and video content studio and is eager to create a number of digital training hubs in order to promote and push their training needs to a wider audience. This is the first of many exciting new solutions and technology advancements planed for the innovation centre as it leads the way in promoting and pushing the boundaries of true digital transformation within the collision repair industry.

To find out more email us john.morrissey@plastfix.com