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GT Recycling joins Waste Motive Initiative

The Waste Motive initiative has gone from strength to strength since its initiation earlier this year.

Plastfix has this week announced Melbourne based plastic recycling company GT Recycling will be coming on board as part the national initiative. GT Recycling will be managing the pickup of bumper bars as well as the responsible recycling of automotive plastics.

GT Recycling has worked alongside Plastfix in their plastic recycling objectives and is very much aligned with the goals of the Waste Motive initiative. GT Recycling will initially service and recycle plastic bumper bars at Capital SMART repair sites around Melbourne, where Plastfix currently manages both their plastic repairs and waste.

Plastfix CEO, Mario Dimovski said:

“Plastfix has been working with Brett McLean and the GT Recycling team along with Waste Motive for some time now and they have demonstrated that they are serious about waste and thinking outside the square on how to better manage automotive waste such as bumper bars.

By having these applications in place, the automotive plastic parts will be diverted from general waste and landfill, a great win for the environment and a small step towards achieving the goals of the initiative over the next 12 months.”

GT Recycling is currently working on a number of plastic recycling projects with the potential to use shredded bumper bar waste in various new applications. A trial is currently being undertaken to create by-products from the waste that would be used within industries such as construction.

The appointment of GT recycling is in line with the Waste Motive mission and even though many aspects of the program have currently been postponed until there is a return to normality with regards to COVID-19, the quest to better manage the industry’s waste will continue to move forward.