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Who is Plastfix

Plastfix is a global leader in the collision repair industry managing around 50,000 plastic restorations per year across Australia and New Zealand, establishing a reputation for pioneering new delivery methods of plastic restoration solutions, delivering high quality training for technicians, and the development of specialty tools and automated equipment. Plastfix is actively investing into research and development, passionate about examining new ways of delivering the highest possible standard of repairs to your business, the industry and the environment.

Since being established in 2014, we have expanded across Australia and New Zealand, managing over 30 on-field technicians working exclusively for Australia's premier collision repair group. 

Supported by our team of certified technicians, team leaders, and spearheaded by CEO and founder Mario Dimovski’s leadership, Plastfix is at the forefront of development and new market trends. It is from this firm foundation that Plastfix begins its expansion into new local and overseas markets as our exclusivity deal comes to an end.

We are actively working to integrate smart technology into the Plastfix model. This has enabled our system the ability to offer a Plug and Play platform ready for deployment in any market, anywhere in the world. Offering a new innovative digital solution including mobile part creating apps and advanced 3D printing materials that replace missing or broken tabs, a world first for the automotive collision repair industry.

Our expansion plan over the next 24 months will see Plastfix become the leading authority in Automotive Plastic Restoration Solutions and the first global brand providing specialty services to the collision repair industry servicing the estimated 5000 potential jobs per week in the Australian market.

Plastfix is at the forefront of innovation and advancing technologies, with the development of an automated headlight repair system and have invented our own 3D printable PP material.

We are passionate about examining new ways of delivering the highest possible standard of repairs and sustainability solutions via our Waste Motive initiative benefiting our customers, consumers, our industry and the environment.


Working with key stakeholders Plastfix is reinventing the delivery solutions of Automotive Plastic Restorations. Our team is continuously developing new training modules, specialty tools, technology, repair methodologies and processes.


Our team of certified technicians deliver the highest standard of automotive plastic restorations using our own developed methods that have been evolved over the past 20 years, ensuring a new standard of post-collision plastic part restoration.


The core of success for Plastfix is our staff culture, we work extremely hard to make sure our staff are the number one priority within the business. Providing each of our technicians with a secure progressive career path, professional uniform, incentive programs, dynamic salaries, mobile phone, regular company news feeds and company CEO visits. This is why Plastfix has a retention rate of 90% which is one of the highest in the automotive collision repair industry.

Leading Authority

As the use of automotive plastic components in the manufacture of vehicles rises, the need for new adaptive services offered to the collision industry for repairing plastic components is in greater demand.

Plastfix has reinvented how plastic repairs, that we call reforming are perceived in the collision repair industry by innovating its own processes, developing new tools and equipment, enhancing methods, and tailoring services for our customers, ensuring that they receive the service that best suits their business model.

Mario Dimovski

CEO and Founder of Plastfix

Our founder and CEO is an industry leader, pioneering the development of automotive plastic restoration methodologies and solutions. A Master Automotive Plastic Restoration Technician, and passionate entrepreneur, Mario has over 24 years’ experience in automotive plastics and light weight composite repairs. Driven by innovation, Mario is always pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved by continuously exploring, and utilising, emerging technologies such as 3D printing and automation.

Since the start of his career as a 16-year-old Bumper Repair Apprentice, Mario has been at the forefront of development for plastic restoration methods. Over the course of his career he has been involved with some of the industry’s leading initiatives in plastic repairs, recycling, 3D printing, and robotic automation.

Connect with Mario Dimovski

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Pilot Program: Collision Repair Centre (12 months)

CEO Mario Dimovski undertook a 12-month project by placing himself in a collision repair facility that repaired, on average, 100 collision claims per week.
The business had developed a culture of favouring new components rather than repairing damaged plastic parts. This meant they were absorbing a higher repair cost per vehicle, and producing a large volume of automotive plastic waste. The aim of the Pilot Program was to assess what percentage of these damaged plastic parts, such as bumper bars and headlights, could be repaired in-house by having a certified Plastic Repair Technician onsite.
Mario Dimovski worked with the owner of the business, and various departments within the collision centre, on the best methods to maximise the project’s potential, whilst minimising any production or processing impacts.
Within a couple of weeks, the business started to repair close to 75% of all damaged bumper claims, not to mention improved turnaround times by having the repairs done on-site. 
The end result delivered a range of benefits no-one had anticipated, it was a huge success and lay the foundation to build the Plastfix business model.


Australia, New Zealand, and China Research Gathering Tour

With the pilot complete, Plastfix was invited to take part in the 5 to 10 Australia/New Zealand tour, an extension of the 2015 IBIS Australia conference.

The Plastfix agenda was to better understand how the industry was going to address the growing use of automotive plastic parts, and additionally to address the skill shortage of qualified plastic repair technicians. 

Plastfix wanted to learn how the wider industry (comprising of collision repair owners, industry bodies, training organisations, part suppliers, and insurance companies) perceived automotive plastic repairs, and what programs were in place to cater for this growing trend.

2016 - Feb

Plastfix Launched in Australian Market

After nearly two years of planning, Plastfix launched by offering a full range of our own custom developed designs, training modules, speciality tools, and materials. We soon realised that due to a lack of skilled personnel, the collision industry faced the challenge of training current staff to repairs plastics. We then moved our attention to a new business model and started developing our own team of technicians to service the industry. A price or labour based pricing matrix allowed Plastfix to develop, manage, and train technicians to service its customer’s needs.

2016 - June

Secured Exclusive Contract with Leading Panel Group

Plastfix enjoys the privilege of exclusively servicing the industry’s leading collision repair group with sites across Australia and New Zealand. This partnership, the largest of its kind, is on track to deliver a number of game changing results.


International Connections Tour 

With industry interest growing from Plastfix’s successes, and the increasing demand for high quality automotive plastic repairs, 2017 marked the start of our international meet and greet tour. This tour aimed to connect with likeminded individuals and companies from around the world to compare solutions, technologies, and ideas on the future of automotive plastic repairs within the collision repair industry. Plastfix is meeting with new partners who could facilitate the Plastfix model within their local market or network. On the agenda for 2017 New Zealand, China, Dubai and the United States, with 2018 seeing Plastfix booked to visit Germany, and the United Kingdom.

2019 - Current

Plastfix Maintains Exclusive Agreement

Plastfix continues its expansion servicing 45 Capital SMART workshops across both Australia and New Zealand, managing approximately 900 plastic repair jobs per week. With further plans for expansion within other collision consolidation groups aiming to become the worlds largest automotive plastic repair provider by 2022 processing over 3000 jobs a week.

“Spending 12 months’ running the pilot program, and then participating in the Asia Pacific tour gave me a clear understanding of the market’s needs. On the back of our early development and research phases, Plastfix is now best positioned to understand and support our customer’s requirements. We are proud to be the most advanced Automotive Plastic Repair Solution provider in the world, and will always have a strong commitment to the realities of the work-shop floor.”

Mario Dimovski


Focus Areas

   Reinvent the Repair Process

   Deliver Tailored Solutions

   Advanced Training Programs

  Develop Tools and Equipment

  Technology & Automation

Technician Certification

All our technicians follow the Plastfix training program, and are certified prior to being placed on-site or in service. Our world class hands-on training process includes:

-          Initial 1-day assessment  

·         A 5-day introduction to plastics

·         30-Day onsite training with trainer

·         10-Day independent monitoring

·           Online monthly training updates

I-CAR Alliance Training Partner 

Plastfix is proud to be aligned with I-CAR and their Alliance Training program, working together to deliver the very best solutions in automotive plastic repair for the collision repair industry.

Mark Czvitkovits​​​​​​​

CEO( I-CAR Australia)

"The advanced training & solutions provided by Plastfix fills a niche area of Automotive Plastic repairs that provides excellent new skills for new and current technicians in the collision repair industry." A true innovator in the Automotive Plastic Repair Industry."

Retention Rate

Plastfix holds one of the industry's highest  staff retention rates, sitting at 90%. Plastfix staff are provided with constant job training and opportunities for job advancement in multiple areas of the business.

Why Plastfix?

Who Are We

We are the world’s leading automotive plastic restoration provider. We facilitate and manage the highest number of field technicians, job turnarounds, and industry intellectual property development. By working with Plastfix, you are assured of the very best in plastic restorations.

A Service that Suits

Plastfix works with you to assess the volume of plastic restorations your business could generate. We then either install a full-time Plastfix managed technician in your workshop, or provide access to our rapid on-call service. All tools, materials, and ongoing training are provided to ensure you have the most advanced technician and restoration technology at your disposal.

Working for you

Your orders and technician activity are managed through our Job Tech software from a centralised location. Data harvested from Job Tech allows us to measure order flow volumes, quality control matters, and make and model movements whilst minimising any disruption to your operation.

Learn more about Plastifx’s revolutionary services, and when they are coming to a site near you.

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